Expertise and research

The leading independent criminalistic laboratory in Ukraine, which provides services for the production of computer-technical expertise, theft investigation through Internet banking system and responding to information security incidents in Europe and the CIS.


The copyright and prepared courses and trainings in digital criminalistics, employment of modern hardware and software tools including free tools. High quality education is being achieved through a huge number of practice and case study, which are based on the information of  real incidents.

Protection of information

We develop individual recommendations for improving the level of security, based on the knowledge concerning current threats and attack vectors. We take into account the customer’s special aspects in business processes. It allows us to minimize the risks of cybersecurity at a low cost for its implementation.


Expertise and research

The computer-technical expertise and digital criminalistic recearch of digital technology using modern  technologies. The quality and efficiency of Laboratory examinations production were highly appreciated  by law enforcement authorities and corporate clients.

Incident response

In case of breaking or suspecting cyber attack, our experts will provide professional assistance, will collect evidences, will develop a plan for eliminating the consequences of the incident, will offer recommendations which allow to   prevent the replication of incidents in the future.

Collecting digital evidences

The search of the necessary data for the investigation incident, including hidden and deleted, and their legalization as a juridical significant evidence recognized by the court. Providing professionals and technical support for the investigation.

Investigation of incidents
and cyber attacks

As part of the investigation, CyberLab experts restore the scheme and chronology of the incident, extract data of attack methods, compare the facts and connections between unconnected incidents, that allows to identify the executurs and organizers of cybercrime.

Online banking theft investigation

The investigation of theft through e-banking system (client-bank, online banking). Determination of theft method. Identifying and fixing actions of insiders. Analysis of  banking Trojans and identification of  operating  servers.

Notaries attack investigation

Since 2014  more than 40 incidents , related to making  on behalf of the notaries of illegal changes to the registry of the Justice Ministry had been recorded. Proofs which are collected within the limits of our expertise, allow us to remove suspicion from the affected notaries.

Scumware analysis

Detection and analysis of scumware  and spy programs, including programs used in targeted attacks. Extraction of the algorithms of data managed by the server; analysis of configuration files, and network traffic. Correlation with other attacks.

Cellphone forensics

Extraction and analysis of all data (correspondence, media, documents, etc.) from different mobile  devices. Recovering deleted data; removal of information from locked cellphones and tablets; extracting information from the cloud storage and online services.

Video forensics

Removal and data recovery from all types of video recorders. Improving video quality, increasing in certain areas of the image; measurement of the size and speed of  object movement. The analysis of  huge volumes of video from different sources with selecting events.

Review expert opinions

Evaluation of expert opinion on the  applicability of  methods  which had been used during the study and the reliability of the results, compliance with modern scientific approaches and legal requirements. Specialist advices for lawyers and other parties to the process.

Training in the field
of digital forensics

Training  on Information Security and Digital Forensics  for corporate customers and government representatives. Specialized training for legal experts: lawyers, judges, prosecutors. The possibility of forming your  own courses.

System for digital forensics

“Turnkey” design and construction of forensic science laboratories, supply of equipment and software for computer-technical and telecommunication expertises from leading developers, technical support.